A superbly built belt with several main designs and options..

The pictures and captions will tell you more.

I collect full steel chastity belts, but the time has come to prune the collection and specialise in those I prefer to collect.

The following pages show the design types available, but not individual belts. I have a number of each belt, so please ask about the size you need.

I ship all over the  world, and can arrange exchanges.

I still collect belts, but specialise in Carrara belts and Steelwerks cages, but would like to hear of any belts for sale....


A stunning looking belt with waist band adjustability (+/- 3") approx.

Waist extenders can be ordered from the manufacturer

The original belt, a design  that launched most of the others. Using a radial lock they are very secure.

A collectors design!